About Us

You should never share your password in clear text by email, chat, text-message, etc... It is extremely unsafe and we beg you to please never do it! If you do, all it takes is for a hacker to get access to your friend or co-worker's email/chat/text-message and they now have your password.

Unfortunately, we've seen people do that all the time. It made us cringe everytime so we decided to do something about it. passpass.co is the solution we came up with. When you need to share a password with someone, simply visit passpass.co, type in your password, and hit enter. You will be taken to a page that has a unique URL. Click on the orange button on the right to copy the URL and the PIN to your clipboard and share with your friend. Your friend will be able to unlock the password by entering the PIN you shared with them.

How secure is passpass.co?

passpass.co does the following to ensure your passwords are safe:

  1. passpass.co is only available over HTTPS.
  2. passpass.co does not store your password in clear text in our database
  3. passpass.co makes sure not to leave traces of your passwords anywhere such as in our logs, etc...
  4. passpass.co only keeps a password in our database for 48 hours. After that, the passwords is destroyed
  5. passpass.co destroys a password 60 seconds after the recipient has revealed the password
  6. passpass.co destroys a password after 2 failed attempts to unlock it with invalid pins.
  7. passpass.co uses unique links for each passwords with very long codes (thus our long URLs) to make it harder to crack
  8. passpass.co does not keep database backups to ensure nobody ever gets access to your passwords